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Well hello there! Welcome to Steph-E-Says. I hope you took a look at the 'About Me' section so you can get a feel of who I am and my purpose for invading your computer screen at the moment?

First let me wish you a Happy New Year! As I've gotten older I have come to appreciate being able to see a new year come around again. It reminds me that my purpose on this Earth is not yet fulfilled and I still have work left to do. And so do you!

We were each granted gifts that we should be using in this world. And if we haven't been living up to that, well, we now have another year to make the necessary changes and begin to walk in that purpose. What has happened or been done in the past doesn't matter today. What matters is what you do NOW. The past can't be changed, but you should remember the lessons you've learned. The future depends on what we do now, in the present.

So let's take full advantage of the new set of 365 days that come with 2018. What direction do you want your life to go in? What changes in yourself need to be made? These are the answers you should write down so you can clearly see them. And then put them where you can look at them daily. Its so easy to start off strong and then taper off as the months go on. But, writing your vision keeps it fresh in your mind. Discipline yourself to stick with it. Things won't happen overnight so please don't get discouraged or be too hard on yourself if something takes longer to happen than you wanted it to. JUST KEEP GOING!

Be encouraged while making your visions come to reality. Stay in the press!! We're in this together okay. Trust, I will let you know when I falter or get discouraged. This is where community comes into play and its why its so important. So I got you...and I hope you have me too. Now, let's go out there and get to it!


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