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All In This Together

Hey all. Well, who would have ever thought we'd be here, huh? Not me either. But, we are. So we have to try our best to make the most of things. This is a global fight going on right now. Although we must continue to live as best we can we also must remain smart and safe out here.

I just wanted to check in with everyone and make sure you guys were okay. If you're like me you can get caught up in your thoughts sometimes. And that can lead to unnecessary worrying. Or some of you could be alone and be thinking that no one is thinking about you. I just wanted you to know that I am! And although we have to stay away from one another please know that I am with you in whatever way I can be. So if you are alone, please pick up the phone; call, text, or email your friends or family. Be sure to keep some form of human interaction going. For those of you who are home and not working due to offices being shut down for awhile, keep your minds sharp. Read a good book, play games if you have any, just do something to keep your mind working.

Times may be tough, but so are we!! Do what you gotta do to stay sane and also be safe at the same time. Have your online chat groups to encourage one another, start writing that book since you got a lot more time on your hands now, do that online tutorial you've been wanting to do, get in that workout to keep your mind and body fit, try not to kill the kids (lol), or what ever else you can come up with to pass the time.

Now is not the time to shrink and worry yourselves silly. Keep your heads up. We will get through this...together!

If anyone has any other ideas of how to spend their time please let me know in the comments. Each one reach one is my motto right now. Please remember to reach out to someone if you are in need.

Until next time...


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