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Clean House

As stated in my Instagram post earlier today, I have been in the process of detoxing my living spaces...shoot my life period! Every now and then it needs to be done. I'm the type of person that tends to hold on to things way longer than I should (I'll have to save that discussion for another day). 2019 was a very busy year and this decade in general was busy actually. And for the past few months I had just started feeling weighed down, going through the motions on some things (not all), and I was just running out of gas at the end. Just tired of being tired...ugh, I hate that feeling! And my space was looking like I felt. Something had to give y'all!!

So with the Christmas holiday approaching and days off scheduled I knew it was the perfect time to get rid of some things. And once my space became an outward representation of my inner self I knew I had to get to work. Purging the physical things lends to the purging of the mental and emotional things as well. For five days I never saw outside. Crazy I know, lol! I spent a day (or more) on each room.

When you first start out the task seems daunting. Then you start moving things around, stuff is everywhere, well, now it looks hopeless and worse than when you started! Just like when you finally decide to get your life in order-in its totality you don't know where to start, then once you open the door to the feelings and situations it just seems like nothing will work out. The trick is to start in one area at a time. I started at one corner of the room and worked my way around. Remember, break things down into workable steps!! This same process works in life. One thing at a time. I allowed myself days to get things done-not cramming it all into one day, half killing myself in the process. To truly detox (be it an actual living space or yourself) it will take time, hun. Make sure you give that to yourself.

Once I started seeing the room coming together I felt energized to finish and felt better within myself. I wasn't feeling so overwhelmed or weighed down. I was getting rid of the things that no longer served me anymore. Accomplishing something, no matter how small, can have a positive impact on your physical and mental well-being. I actually felt like I could think straight. Our inner triumph or turmoil will always manifest outwardly at some point. And the two must always be maintained.

Now, while prior to starting and in the process I'm sure some folks may have felt like I've been a bit withdrawn. And I guess in a way I have been. But sometimes you have to step away from the noise to get right. And that's okay (just don't stay away too long). Don't ever feel bad for getting yourself together. Its a necessary process. Its always good to take stock of the "property" you hold (mental, physical, spiritual, financial, and relational). We must constantly maintain it in order for it to appreciate properly.

I would encourage you to take the necessary steps to "clean house" before the New Year or as soon as you can. Give yourself a fresh start by finishing strong!

Until the next time folks!


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