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Don't Let The Chaos Stop You

With the stress of not being with family and close friends, mask wearing, losing loved ones, and adjusting to working from home every other week its easy to see how 2020 was a very difficult year. And I know we can ALL agree to those sentiments. A climatic end lead to an anti-climatic beginning. But, all is not lost. WE made it! And that is a very important fact to not gloss over.

Adjusting...that has to be the word of 2020. Adjusting has lead me to a new word for 2021...Discipline. As crazy and traumatic as last year was, I cannot allow myself to wallow in it. Don't get me wrong I have some "WTF" moments every now and then, but I also see some surprising advantages that adjusting has led to. As the saying goes, "Out of adversity comes opportunity (Benjamin Franklin)". Last year allowed for more time. Time with the ones you share a household with. Time to work on things that we put off because we were too busy stuck on the hampster wheel. And time to better oneself (physically, financially, spiritually, etc). Now is the time to follow through on things that we need to do. We must discipline ourselves to see it all through, even with all the madness going on. Use this time wisely folks. I cannot stress that enough!

Looking forward it appears that we have been given a little more time to still do those things that we need to. Even though the chaos of 2020 is carrying over to 2021 we must not give up hope for a better year. I will not make some grand announcement about what 2021 will be because I have no clue what's in store this year. We definitely do not have any control about what goes on around us. All we can do is control our own reaction to it. All I can do is hope that we learned something and make the necessary changes in our lives so that we can be in a better position.

Let me ask you a few questions. 1) What have you learned last year that you plan to expand on in 2021? 2) What goal have you decided to attain this year? 3) What steps will you take to reach that goal? These are some of the questions that I had to ask myself. No matter what is going on around me I know that I have to keep pushing forward and striving for greater. That's the promise that each new year carries with it. And its important that we do not let Covid stop us. Yes, let's be smart out there, but we cannot give up. Conventional ways of doing things may not be available to us at the moment so be creative in your pursuit of what sets your soul free this year.

In spite of the 2020 Covid carry-over, it is my sincere hope that this year is better for all. Do what you need to do to keep your sanity. And for the love of all that is holy please be smart and safe out there. Its not just you who can't see family and friends or go where ever you want. We ALL are making sacrifices out here. This virus is NOT playing out here so why some of you are is crazy to me. I'd be remiss if I didn't say my peace about that. Let's just do what we gotta do to get rid of it. Okay, that's enough of my little rant. I'm let's get to work!

Alright 2021, be nicer to us....please!


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