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Help Save Bennett College!

Bennett College - Graduation May 1998

Hello everyone. Today I come to you humbly to ask for your help. My alma mater, Bennett College, is in need of financial assistance in order to maintain its accreditation. Bennett College is an all-girls HBCU (Historically Black College University) located in Greensboro, NC. And I am a very proud Bennett Belle from the class of 1998.

I recently had my 20th year class reunion back in May of 2018. I’ve never missed one because I always felt it was important to go and fellowship with my Belle sisters, especially since you just never knew who would no longer be around. That thought was driven home when a classmate passed away prior to my 15th year reunion. It was hard to wrap your mind around because she was still young and she had so much more to give. So now the fact that I could lose MY Bennett just doesn’t sit well with me. Like the classmate I lost, Bennett has so much more to give!

When I first arrived at Bennett, I was a wide-eyed 18 year old ready for life away from home, but still a bit timid of having to actually do such a thing alone. I fell In love with our cozy campus. My short walks across the quad to get to class, cheering for my hall during the Freshwomen step show, getting locked in the dorm room closet (don't ask), and going to my first HBCU homecoming at NC A&T are just some of my fond memories. And spending my Freshwoman year in the prestigious Pfeiffer Hall (room 222) was definitely a plus!

While at Bennett I learned discipline and the importance of conducting yourself like a lady, such as dressing properly for ACES (Academic Cultural Enrichment Series). I can remember Dean Scarlet letting us newcomers know that, “Bennett Belles do not walk on the grass”. That was something ladies didn’t do. I swear that one statement still goes through my head when I come to a patch of grass. Lol! So yes, I take the “long way”. I went in as a tomboy and came out a young woman. That is the legacy of Bennett...and I carry it with me every day. And it is my hope that it will be the legacy that continues with future women.

The lasting sisterhood among the Belles is a beautiful thing. I have made friends for life...friends who have become family. I don't understand this notion that women can't get along because we did at Bennett. I must say it is a sight to behold a white breakfast and see women who are celebrating their silver or golden anniversaries all dressed in white. These phenomenal much history between them. And it is my hope and prayer that the young ladies that come after me will be able to one day look back and be able to say "I too am a phenomenal woman because I am a Bennett Belle".

Please help and keep the Bennett legacy alive. We cannot let another HBCU to close!! Here’s how you can help:

Cash App: $StandwithBennett

I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!


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