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New Beginnings, New Dawnings

Happy New Year to all!! It is 2019 already, I swear last year was a complete blur. Its funny (and a bit scary) how quickly the years come and go. I hope this new year has greeted you all in good health and spirit. I'm glad to report that I am doing well and feeling much better-and that makes me happy!

I know many folks start off the new year with such gusto and then it quickly dwindles down. If they're not careful they will fall back into the bad habits (situations) that they vowed to correct at the end of the year. (I'm not talking about you though am I?). Resolutions are not what we should be working towards-life goals is more like it. Some goals may take longer than a full calendar year to get finished. Think more progress as opposed to time limits-completing the goal can be stressful enough without putting unrealistic constraints on them. Let's work smarter not harder!

Whatever it is that has set your heart on fire I hope you achieve it/get it! Every new morning (new dawn) is proof that anything is possible...and that your work is not done. When I leave this Earth for good I want to leave empty-having done all that I was supposed to do. The gifts we have inside us are meant to be shared; to enrich others in some way. It would be a travesty to leave and take it all with you.

So welcome to 2019...a new beginning, the new dawn in the chapter of your life. We're only three weeks in and I hope you're not tired yet! Lets write our goals down, breaking them down into workable portions, and then knocking them out! Change what needs to be changed, continue with what works, and always strive to be better.

Y'all ready??! Let's do this!!


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