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Planning Ahead!!

Whew! To say it has been a minute since I've sat down and put thought to screen is an understatement. And I promise to tell you all about that...SOON! But for right now I wanted to share a project with you that I finally finished. It truly was a labor of love for this, but I'm so glad to say its complete.

I have always been a lover of planners. I mean, your girl can spend some money on a planner okay! But the last few years, with the exception of one, I was underwhelmed with the ones I had purchased. So, I made my own! This has been about 5 years in the making. Many ups and downs during this process but due to some life changes I was able to pick things back up and complete it.

Representation matters y'all! It truly does and the planner I wanted had to represent me-a black woman-and others that looked like me. And thanks to the wonderful and talented, Aja Washington-Jones, I was able to pull that off. Her artwork is amazing and showcases some women near and dear to me. I included a few extras to give you a few things to think about during the year to help you reach your goals and better yourself. Just take a look for yourself (see below). The purchase of this planner will prove to be an investment into yourself. You got this, sis!! Besides, what better way to celebrate Black History Month and upcoming Women's Month.

Click 'Book Preview' below and make your purchase. Be sure to spread the word!! Thank you in advance everyone!!


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