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The Struggle Is Real

"The struggle is real" is probably relatable to so many people right now. I mean there are some days when I just lay in bed and ask myself, "Do I even want to deal with today"? I don't really want to admit this, but I will, I have at times said "no". There's just so much to do and seemingly not enough time to do it all...or is there?

As a single woman I guess one would think I wouldn't have much to contend with since I'm just dealing with myself. Yes, one would think that, huh? But its not the case. At least with couples the struggle is shared, but for me I have to handle "whatever" all by myself. With no other shoulder to lean on I must chart my way alone. So how do I manage?

Having a plan of attack has been such a great help to me. Of course, I have to remind myself of this. Its so easy to get sucked up by the thing(s) you are struggling with. You get overwhelmed with it all and a sense of despair creeps in. That's when you have to...stop!! Take a deep breath (most likely a few of them). I pray! I am under no illusion that I can do any of this on my own. No one else may be physically in my presence to help, but God has always been a constant help for me! So thats how I overcome the 'handling things all on my own'. The time issue? Well, I have come to realize that running around avoiding what needs to be handled takes up a lot of time. And sometimes creates more issues that I'll have to contend with!

So how does a plan help? After I have paused and prayed (given whatever I'm dealing with over to God), I then think about what needs to be done in order for me to overcome my current situation. Its not enough to just say "I'm at point A and I'm going to point Z". How are you getting there? If I am having financial problems I will whip out my monthly budget (first you should make one!). I write down where my money goes and how much goes there. Everything is accounted for. That helped me out so much that years later I still use it. If I have a goal I want to meet, I will sit down and write everything out. Seeing things on paper helps me to focus and see specifically what needs to be done and worked on.

Everything is long as you have a plan or set of directions to help you find your way out or to a certain result. Some plans take longer than others to work through. So please don't get tripped up over how long something may take. Just start doing it! Besides, procrastinating just adds to the time anyway so you might as well just buckle down and get started on it. DISCIPLINE yourself...yes, the dreaded 'D' word! It can seem like its painful, and its definitely an adjustment, but it truly is needed in order to make a plan work.

So what ever you have going on or want to get to, decide today that you will do something about it. With faith, a plan, and discipline (dedication) you will most certainly get the results that you want. What are some ways that you overcome struggles? Let me know in the comments below.

Til next time...continue to make the most of your days!


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